Dental crowns

When the tooth is severely damaged or after a root canal treatment a dental crown is often the best way to restore what is left. It works as an artificial restoration placed over an existing tooth. The dental crown is shaped to look like the natural tooth and its mission is to regain function and aesthetics. It is individually manufactured at the dental laboratory to fit perfectly.

Old defect dental crown

New dental crown

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Dental crowns can be made from a wide range of different materials. The most common crown materials today are zirconium oxide (a white metal which is very strong), whole ceramic porcelain and porcelain bonded to a metal core. The material chosen depends on aesthetical and functional concerns.

Hvordan lages kronen?

In the process of making a dental crown the dentist will need to carefully file down the tooth usually under aneasthetics. And impression is then taken and sent to the laboratory. A perfectly fitted temporal crown is bonded to the tooth while the patient waits for the new crown to arrive. On the second visit the crown is bonded permanently to the remaining tooth (after removing the temporal crown and carefully checking that the new crown fits perfectly.) It is of utmost importance that the patient has a proper daily care routine to ensure a long-lasting result. Teeth that end up being restored with a dental crown have usually gone through several earlier treatments. Approximately 10 % of these teeth end up with a root canal later.

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