It is important to visit the dentist on a regular basis to examine teeth and gum. There are individual differences, but for most people a check-up once a year is required. By doing this you can avoid surprises and high dental costs. On the first visit you need to fill out a health form. We must know about general diseases, hospital treatments and medicine use.

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At the annual check-up, x-rays will be taken. This is an excellent tool to discover diseases in teeth and gums. Typically, two small x-ray pictures are enough, but sometimes more x-rays are required.  A regular examination by x-ray at the check-up generally gives a low radiation dose. The probability of radiation damage is negligible.

A check-up also includes scale and polish, and for a small extra cost air polish for stain removal.

The dentist will guide you and give instructions about the best way to provide good oral health through a daily home care routine.

You will also be informed about any findings that will require treatment, treatment alternatives and a cost estimate. It is important to discuss the treatment with you. In that way the dentist can understand your expectations and goals regarding your dental health, and you can be informed about the different treatment possibilities and prognosis.

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